1505 1/2 Echo Park Ave
12–7 Wed–Sun
Ouli (oo-lee) is a retail/showroom located in echo park with work by Apartment 7, Baggu, Blaze of Glory, Brendan Timmins, Chester Wallace, Dorset Fine Arts, Echo Park Pottery by Peter Shire, Deadstock Elika, Hortense, Jessica Dean Harrison, Jim Connelly, Aubrey Horner, Kindah Kalidy, Paul Kraftenberg, Lamy Safari, Michala Paludin, Of the Flowers, Prism of Reality, Peter Sheldon, Simon, Sydney deJong, Sorcha, and Sqirl Preserves.

Neriage Bowl, Mug, Espresso Set, Sydney deJong, 1987
Spilt Geode, Melodie Mousette
Ceramic Mug,Peter Sheldon
Ouli Leather Beanbag, Cognac
I am sitting I see you what is it?

New work from

Aubrey Horner
Paul Kraftenberg
Peter Sheldon

Sat, April 12th

Please join us in welcoming the sculpture and ceramics of Aubrey Horner, Paul Kraftenberg and Peter Sheldon. Each artist’s work inspires quiet contemplation. Drawing on similar materials, the outcomes are strikingly different.

Aubrey Horner’s curiously tiny vessels are the confluence of her interests in ornithology and ancient archeological pinch pots — evident in their striking colors, delicate nature and form.

Paul Kraftenberg’s sculptures are remarkably moving, full of imagination and possibility. His work is at once organic and completely thoughtful. Conjuring the ingenuous qualities of Isamu Noguchi and Pablo Picasso, Kraftenberg’s work is uniquely his own — refreshing.

Firing beauty from the science of his materials, Peter Sheldon has been honing his craft at residencies in New Zealand and Montana. He now brings his vast knowledge of wood and salt firing techniques as a visiting artist to the American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona.
Boccato Lamp
Neriage Bowl
Sydney deJong
Cashmere and Merino wool throw
Zolo Lamp
Brendan Timmins
Of the Flowers
Lambswool Scarf
Peter Shire Splatter Vase, Sidney deJong Neriagi Plates
Some Peace
Some Quiet
Some Doubts
Some Weakness
Some Curiosity
Some Questions
Some Ambiguity
Some Thoughts
Some Care
Some Lonliness
Some Fear
Some 'may be'
Some 'who knows'
Some attention
Some help
Some perplexity
Some sweetness
Some bitterness
Im' off...

1505 1/2 Echo Park Ave
Los Angeles, Ca 90026
12–7 Wed–Sun